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Iran is a refereed journal which is published annually and enjoys a high international reputation. IRAN includes articles on the whole range of Persian Studies and not only on work sponsored by the Institute. There is also a section on recent archaeological excavations in Iran. As one of the foremost journals in the field, IRAN is sold and distributed to a wide range of libraries, institutions and individuals throughout the world.

Iran and the Caucasus, by Brill, is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal. Published in two [soon to be four] issues per year, the Journal promotes original, innovative, and meticulous research on the history (ancient, mediaeval and modern), culture, anthropology, literature (textology), folklore, linguistics, archaeology, politics, and economy of the region. Accepting articles in English, French and German, Iran and the Caucasus publishes lengthy monographic essays on path-breaking research, synoptic essays that inform about the field and region, as well as book reviews that highlight and analyse important new publications. Iran and the Caucasus is edited under the guidance of an editorial board consisting of scholars from the region itself, as well as from Europe and the United States. It is therefore unique in being a scholarly forum in the truest sense of the word on a region of growing importance, and a treasure-trove of information otherwise hard to get at. Iran and the Caucasus is supported by the Caucasian Center for Iranian Studies in Yerevan, Armenia.


Iran Nameh: A Journal of Iranian Studies is the Foundation's quarterly journal of Iranian studies now in its 25th year of publication. Articles are in Persian, with summaries in English. The journal was originally launched to help keep Iran's cultural traditions alive. It predominantly features articles on contemporary Iranian issues in special issues edited by guest scholars while also providing a forum for original research on Iran's history as well as literary and artistic heritage.


Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies is a journal that continues to serve as the principal journal in the field. Its current editor is Dr. Homa Katouzian (University of Oxford). Iranian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal of history, literature, culture, and society, covering all regions of the globe with a Persian or Iranian legacy, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Caucasus and northern India, as well as diaspora communities of Iranians in Europe and the United States. As an independent, non-partisan, non-political, multi-disciplinary international community of over 500 scholars, students, academic and non-academic researchers, and aficionados of Iranian studies, ISIS is committed to promoting the free exchange of ideas, freedom of expression in all forms and all media, and unrestricted pursuit of (academic and non-academic) research, instruction, publication, and presentation (in Iran and internationally) without fear of intimidation and persecution.


Journal of Persianate Studies is a collection of scholarly articles, book reviews and conference reports