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Iran is a country rich in culture and history. The food is sumptuous; the geography diverse; and the people are kind and hospitable. Whether it be shopping in the bazaar, hiking up mountains, gazing into thousands of year old reliefs, visiting museums, or just sipping tea and eating sweets, Iran has something for everyone. There is lots to see and do, and never enough time!

Taking a trip to Iran may seem intimidating, but if certain rules are followed and traditions respected it can be a wonderful experience. Here are a couple suggestions. 

  • Iran is an Islamic Republic. That means the laws of Islam are followed. Among other things, this means their religion should be respected, alcohol is forbidden, ladies (in particular) must wear appropriate clothing (head covering and long jacket at all times), and certain things are not eaten (pork, for example).
  • Iran is under sanctions by Europe, America, and other countries. Some countries do not have embassies in Iran. Please check your countries' laws about visiting Iran. 

Armenia, the "Switzerland" of the Caucasus, is the oldest Christian nation in the world. It was part of the Soviet Union until it gained independence in 1991. Armenians adopted Christianity (Orthodox Christianity or Armenian Apostolic Christianity) in 301 AD, before Constantine made Christianity a legal religion in the Roman Empire. Armenians are known for their creativity and artisanship. 

Taking a trip to Armenia may sound daunting as well, but similar to Iran, if certain rules are followed and traditions respected, it also can be a wonderful experience.

When visiting any country there are a few things that can help make a successful trip.
  • Remember, wherever you go, the country you are visiting has given you its permission to be there. Regardless of your feelings, we suggest staying away from political discussions. 
  • Learn a little about the country's language and culture and respect it. 
  • Make sure you know about your own health and about the health care of the country.
  • Find a good tour group! 

We do not endorse any tour company or accept any solicitation. Only on special occasions we do give tours. We have, however, dealt with several services in Iran, Armenia, and Turkey. Some are a bit more familiar with Westerners. Your interests will likely determine which company is best. We are happy to help you uncover those interests.